Smart Ball and Net Set Comes with the Protective Smart Phone Holder, Smart Net, Free App and Inflatable Soccer Ball for Indoor use

$19.95 $14.95

An inflatable football and game set with smart net and App that is perfect for indoor use and juggling practice.

The Inflatable Football and patented protective phone holder, app and Smart Net Accessory are perfect when playing or practicing Indoors.


The perfect starter set for indoor use! You can set up your net up high or sit it on the carpet. The Smart Ball and Net set  comes with an Inflatable Plastic Football Measuring 18cms in diameter, the 25cm by 30cm cm patented smart net and 25cm by 25cm protective smart phone holder that can be secured to carpet by the velcro locking strips. Just download the Free Pass and Shoot App and you are ready to play and train. The Set is perfect for improving your juggling skills indoors. You can choose from 3 games on the App and compete against friends or play yourself using the Left vs Right foot game to see who gets the best score and power ranking.