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The New Arcade Style Basketball Set for home play simply connects to any door and your IPhone.

What level can you reach?

Compete with your friends and see how you compare to all players around the world.

Just download our Free App on your I Phone and you are ready to play.

The Apps provides scores, commentary with fun celebration videos and so much more!

Just purchase your Pass and Shoot Basketball set from a City Beach store,

or Online HERE , then simply download one or more of our  free Apps.

Connect your IPhone to the Protective Phone Holder,

And you are Ready to play!

Lot’s of new features coming soon.

Get it at a City Beach Store or Online at the City Beach Website by Clicking HERE – Only $29.99 – Limited Stock

The Pass and Shoot Basketball Hoop set is $29.99 for a limited time and includes everything to make Basketball fun to play at home . Play Fun Games with App commentary , scores and statistics by yourself or with friends or family.

The patent pending Pass and Shoot Basketball Set, comes with a basketball for indoor play, a smart net, protective portable phone holder and the free P&S Basketball App that you can download for free from the App Store !

Get it Online at City Beach by Clicking Here BUY ONLINE NOW or at your LOCAL CITY BEACH STORE!

Pass and Shoot Apps

What you need

Compatible Android or I Phone Device

Go to Android App Page

Go to I Phone App Page

Made for use for Android 4.3 – 8.3 and for Apple I Phones 6 and later models