The Future

The Future

The team is working hard to make Pass and Shoot a must-have accessory for every smart phone user!

We are building a series of games and apps based on the patented technology that Pass and Shoot implements.

Pass and Shoot: Football Edition is the first instalment of what we believe will be an ever-expanding library of Apps and Game Sets catering for all smartphone users.

Our Apps and Game Sets differ to anything on the market – we’ve created an affordable platform utilising smartphone technology to enhance real life play.

Future Developments (in no particular order) include:

  • Updating the App to cater to all Smartphone software/hardware platforms
  • Updating our patented game set technology to cater for all types of mobile devices
  • Motor Racing Edition
  • Basketball Edition
  • Baseball Edition
  • Cricket Edition
  • Party Game Edition
  • Fishing Edition
  • Ice Hockey Edition
  • Ten Pin Bowling Edition
  • Athletics Edition
  • Australian Football Edition
  • Golf Editon