P&S Hoops is our latest App for I Phone users to use with the Smart Phone Basketball Set.

The object of the game is to reach the highest level of game play.

For Level 1 you have to shoot 5 hoops in 60 seconds.

After you achieve this Level you advance to the next Level which is 10 hoops in 60 Seconds.

Levels then increase by 5 hoops and get harder as you advance.

Every time you score the App will play a fun goal celebration video with commentary.

Your best game is recorded to the App for you to view on the Achievement Page.

On this Page you will also see how your score compares to the Top 10 players in the World.

If you are good enough to be in the Top 10 your game play video will be seen by all players!

Soon you will be able to compete in weekly online competitions and win some great prizes.

Be the best players in the week and you win big.

Details coming soon.

What Level will you reach this week?


Download the P&S Basketball App by clicking the link below for use on IPhones 

The Watch and Play App is available for Android and Apple phone users and has many options for play.

In this App you can only Score when you hear the SHOOT command and you only have a limited time to score, which is 1 to 3 seconds depending on the Skill level chosen.

In between the SHOOT command you can practice skills or PASS between players or create and use your own practice or play programs.

The App provides all the assets for you to make this happen.

In the Main Menu choose  START GAME  and you are taken to the Game Screen.

In GAME MODE you can choose to play by yourself or against a friend or play in teams. 

Simply slide the Game Mode Button from Left to Right to choose between Single Player for Individual play or Left Vs Right for 2 or more players.

 Choose the Difficulty Level by sliding between Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro.

The higher the level the less time you have to Shoot and score a Hoop.

Use the slide bar to choose the GAME TIME from 1 to 10 minutes.

The App will Record the Scores and Time and you can see these in front of you on the screen of your phone secured to the basketball set while you are playing.

Each time you score a new fun Celebration Video and Commentary will be played  to celebrate the Hoop Scored.

At the end of the Game Your Scores and Statistics for the players or teams are provided and the App will record your best score for you to challenge the next time you play.

The SELECT DRILL menu on the Front Page of the App provides you with 3 options:

You can Choose to upload a 2 second training video or game drill that you want to play or practice and this video will be played on the phone screen in front of you every time before you shoot at goal. This is normally every 5 seconds and the video is to remind you of the correct sequence for you to practice. You can change the video as many times as you like.

Or you can use one of our 3 installed game videos to use for play or practice during the game.

Or you can choose to Play without any Training Video.